IBM Workplace Services Express 

Welcome to your site!

IBM Workplace Services Express creates an exciting and secure work environment by blending customized tools that promote collaboration and communication within your organization. The site interface is divided into a tool bar, a navigation bar, and a content space. The following information provides descriptions for these site components.

Tool Bar
The tool bar encapsulates administrative functions in a single, accessible location. In the default interface, the tool bar provides access to My Work, Templates, Administration, Actions, Logout, and Help. In a typical environment, Templates and Administration are reserved for site administrators.
Navigation Bar
The navigation bar offers users access to an organized list of components of the site. The default components on the navigation bar are Welcome, Mail, Team Spaces, and Search.
Content space
The remainder of the page is devoted to site content. Here you will find various components, most of which can be added to, moved within, or removed from any particular page in the site. Some of the important collaborative and customizing components you will find here are the People Palette and the palette menu.
People Palette
The People Palette promotes communication among team members and includes People Finder and Instant Contacts. People Finder allows users to locate people in your organization and view detailed information about them, such as name, phone number, or job title. Instant Contacts allows users to chat with team members that are online and available. Users can expand the People Palette from anywhere within IBM Workplace Services Express to access People Finder and Instant Contacts.
Palette menu
The palette menu allows users to customize the layout by quickly adding new components. A user can open the palette menu to search for content, and then use drag and drop to place the content on the site. When you are not using the palette menu, it remains minimized to one side of the site.

Additional help is available

In each of these sections of the site, as well as within individual components, you can find context-sensitive help by clicking on the embedded help link, indicated by a question mark (?).

Also, you can read the Information Center for additional product documentation.

Customizing your site

You can change the layout or content according to your needs. To assist you, Getting Started offers starting points for changing the look of the site, adding page content, rearranging the content on a page, and creating a new page.

Signing up and logging in

Users can gain initial access to the site through self-registration. By clicking Sign up, users can step through the registration process by providing personal information and preferences.

The following steps provide instructions for signing up and logging in:

  1. In the site, click Sign up. A form for entering the user information is then displayed.
  2. Complete the form by typing the requested information.
  3. Click Continue to go to the next page. A confirmation page is displayed with your enrollment information.
  4. Review the information you provided.
  5. When prompted that the enrollment was successful, click Continue to return to the site.
  6. After you sign up, click the Log in icon to enter the site and get started.